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About Bontac Research Institute


Release Time: 2017-08-06


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Bontac Institute of Green Biocatalysis (hereinafter referred to as "Bontac Institute") was founded in 2015 by Bontac Bioengineering (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. It is the first green synthetic biocatalysis research institute in the world. It has the world leading high efficient technology platform for biocatalysis, which provides engineered enzymes, process technology and project support for biological engineering to increase product values for many leading companies in fine chemical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, diagnostic and food industries. Bontac Institute would take the lead for the future of biocatalysis. It recruits international talents, equips with various high-tech equipment and integrates latest scientific achievements, in order to establish both ecologically friendly, low carbon and sustainable development system of biological process and the world leading sharing platform of biocatalysis technology. 


Institute functions:
1, Database construction and industrial research:
Bontac Institute has enzyme resource database and corresponding industrial database, which can be both integrated with the internal and external resources to provide the basic information required for research and development of enzyme catalysis. Scientific and industrial research reports will be regularly released.

2, "High starting-point, high standard, high efficiency" interdisciplinary research and development:
Bontac Institute is focusing on major issues in pharmaceutical, agricultural and environmental protection industry. We integrate domestic and international related disciplines with talent resources to establish a long-term mechanism which ultimately helps to obtain a series of high standard industry-related achievements.

3, Domestic and international communication and strategic cooperation.
At present, Bontac Institute has established an online communication platform about green biosynthesis. On a regular basis, we hold domestic and international forum to share ideas and catch the latest hotspots. Bontac Institute have achieved strategic cooperations with Harvard University, Cornell University, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen University, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other universities or research institutes. Bontac Institute’s goal is to establish an ecologically friendly, low carbon biological technology system which creates a new era of green biological synthetic industry to lead the modern manufacturing in the future.

4, International innovative talent nurturing:
Through the discipline integration and cooperation between industry and academy, and “Start-upers’ Center” build-up, Bontac Institute will establish an innovative talent management system and cultivate domestic and international outstanding talents.


Our Vision:
To establish a world leading organization to provide service for education, research and commercialization in green biosynthetic industry.
Our Mission:
Promote full development of global green biosynthesis industry through our industrial analysis, interdisciplinary research and development, communication, strategic cooperation and innovative talents nurturing.

Our values: (SCIENCE)
Service, Cooperation, Integrity, Ethusiasm, Nature, Creativity, Excellence.