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Go Forward, BONTAC. Wonderful Review of Hi & Fi Asia-China 2021 Exhibition


Release Time: 2021-07-18


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Another successful Hi & Fi Asia edition finished on a high, with a very successful edition of Hi & Fi Asia-China, which took place in June 2021, and brought together the entire industry in the NECC, Shanghai.

Bontac Biological  Brings the 3rd Generation Enzyme Catalytic Technology

C-bit debut

Carry out a three-day

Enzyme-catalyzed high-purity NMN raw material debut tour

Booth number: 41H40



Hi & Fi Asia-China 2021

Gathered more than 2,000 domestic and foreign exhibitors

Estimate by statistics

This exhibition will attract more than 100,000 professional visitors to the exhibition.


This exhibition

Bontac Bio focuses on the innovation of raw materials for large health foods and health care products

Take NMN raw materials with purity99.5% as the forward

Take advantage of technology and brand

Reached in-depth cooperation in various fields of the big health industry

On the opening day of the event, it can be described as fruitful.



β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide


Chiral purity 99.99%

Crystal-type patented technology storage guarantee for 24 months

Removal of endotoxins, no heavy metals, no plasticizers

Triple technical barriers to stabilize competitiveness

Superior quality, high unit value and low cost

Wide range of applications, health products, food, daily cosmetics, and cosmetics


First obtained kosher certification as a coenzyme company

NMN initial clinical trial raw material supplier

30+ research institutes designate NMN raw materials

The country takes the lead in the production of NMN with all-enzyme technology

Stable supplier of more than 1,000 companies worldwide.



β-Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide


Chiral purity ≥99.99%

Conversion rates are 5%-10% higher than peers

Freeze-drying technology has a shelf life of 2 years

NAD combined with dehydrogenase is an indispensable auxiliary material in the catalytic production of several amino acid products.



β-Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide Disodium Salt, reduced form


Chiral purity ≥99.99%

Product solubility up to 200mg/ml

Freeze-drying technology has a shelf life of 2 years


Food grade raw material supplier

Partners of well-known NADH brands.



Rebaudioside D

Purity ≥99%

The sweetness is 250-400 times that of sucrose

Good taste without bitterness

0 calories, friendly to people with diabetes and obesity

Lower cost, the price is only about 40% of sucrose

Good stability, shelf life can reach more than 3 years.



At the Bontac Bio booth, the staff is busy and orderly

Some are introducing coenzyme products to the audience

Some are explaining the production scale of Bontac

Others took three to five audiences to tell the growth history of Bontac Bio

Strong interest from domestic and foreign audiences

A lively scene.


During this time

Also received many industry experts who came here

Both parties discuss NMN products and potential.


The 3rd generation biological whole enzyme catalysis technology

Stirring the audience's strong interest

The product has also been tested by the market again at the exhibition


Bontac Bio is a national high-tech enterprise

After 10 years of development

Has been sitting on 141 domestic and foreign invention patents

Built 14,000coenzyme production workshop

2000100,000-level GMP workshop

600 kinds of effective enzymes in own enzyme library

Can produce 100 tons of high quality per year

High-purity coenzyme series products.


High-quality coenzyme, look for Bontac

A thousand words are endless for good goods, so it's better to check it out at the exhibition!

June 23-25

We are at 41H40

Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center Hall 4.1 (Fourth Hall, 1st Floor).