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Jiangxi Bontac Green Biosynthesis Ecological Industrial Park Co., Ltd. is the holding subsidiary of Bontac Bio-engineering (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. It relies on the international scope of the headquarter, advanced enzyme engineering technology and global green industrial biotechnology development capacity to ensure the healthy growth of different sectors in the industrial park. Through continuous technology development and international marketing network, Bontac industrial park could benefit from its core technology of green biosynthesis commercialization, self-investment and introduction of the investment from international and listed companies.

Jiangxi Bontac Green Biosynthesis Ecological Industrial park is located in Sanghai Industrial Park in Nanchang Economic Development Area (Nanchang Technology&Innovation City of traditional Chinese medicine), with a total constructed area of 1123 mu (~749,000 m2) .Factories and supporting facilities are constructed in steps, with a total building area of 1,000,000 m2. Among them, a total area of 950,000 m2 of national standard biological medicine workshop and 50,000 m2 of academician, postdoctoral workstation, biocatalysis research center, green synthetic biology research institute and talent training exchange center will be constructed. The first phase of project is expected to invest 2.5 billion RMB (~0.39 billion US dollars). After it is put into use, it will realize 5 billion RMB in product sales and technical service with 150 million RMB in tax revenue in three years. At the same time, we will build a financial service platform, and introduce international investment banks and top domestic venture capital institutions, to provide good atmosphere of financing, IPO and listing services for various industries in the park.

Fermentation and Production

The establishment of Jiangxi Bontac Green Biosynthesis Ecological Industrial Park represents the future direction of biotechnology industry which can be obtained by a series of major key technology breakthroughs. The demonstration effect of industrialization is remarkable, and will effectively promote the rapid rise of biological manufacturing industry and the upgrading of the traditional chemical industry.


Nanchang Jingkai Sanghai Industrial Park has gathered a number of biological pharmaceutical enterprises after years of construction. The initial effect of industry cluster has been reached. However, enterprises still remained traditional, with an urgent need to upgrade industry with high-quality technology. In this context, Jiangxi Bontac Green Biosynthesis Ecological Industrial Park can not only promote biotechnology industrialization scale in the park for high-end industry cluster formation, but also enhance its competitiveness and impact in the world. Furthermore, it can bring huge economic benefits, and also evoke a wide range of social effect.


Jiangxi Zemai Biological Technology Co.,ltd Profile

Jiangxi Anzemai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Anzemai), established in December 2016, is located in Fucheng Pharmaceutical Logistics Industrial Park, Zhangshu City, Jiangxi Province, the pharmaceutical capital of China. The registered capital of the company is 10 million CNY, with a total area of 31000 square meters. The company has national leading fermentation system and post-treatment system.

Anzemai is founded by a team of Ph.D. Returnees, used enzyme catalysis technology to realize the industrial scale production of coenzyme products, API and chemical raw materials. We establish an innovative platform through our green biosynthetic technology. Breaking through the geographical restrictions, making full use of Zhangshu's unique government support policy advantages, and building a unique green biosynthetic industrial base, which is expected to become a bright spot for business and industrial growth in China.

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Jiangxi Zemai Biological Technology Co., Ltd.