We always adhere to the whole-enzymatic method to produce NMN, with stable quality and a high degree of safety

In 2014, Bontac took the lead in realizing the industrialization of NMN full enzyme catalysis in the world, and is the earliest supplier of NMN raw materials in the market. In the past eight years, Bontac has always adhered to the full enzyme catalytic method to produce NMN, with stable product quality and high safety.

Comparision of different techniques

Method Substrate Different in Technology Features
Full Enzymatic Method Obtained by fermentation Use more than 3 enzymes to catalyze reactions specific、High Efficiency、environmental friendly
One Step Enzymatic Method Obtained by synthesis One enzyme, one step catalytic reaction Organic solvent remained
Chemical Method Obtained by synthesis Directly use organic solvents and chemical methods Low chirality,Organic solvent remained
Fermentation Method Obtained by nature Fermentation requires yeast with genetically modified risk Low efficiency,Unpleasant smell、Waste water pollution

Tsinghua University's NMR and HRMS tests proved that Bontac's NMN is NMN

The purity of Bontac NMN can be up to 99.5% and above

The international authoritative third party organization SGS and the domestic CTI have certified the purity of Bontac NMN can be up to 99.5% and above

Bontac NMN has excellent stability

1.After frozen sealed storage for 24 months, the purity of the product changed little and the product was stable

2.Cold storage, room temperature sealed storage for 6 months, the purity of the product was almost unchanged and the product was stable

3.The product is stable when stored in accelerated condition of 40 ℃ for 6 months

NMN raw material supplier of aging expert David Sinclair’s team in Harvard University

NMN raw material supplier dozens of domestic and foreign well-known institutions for their scientific research work

  • 哈佛大学
  • 清华大学
  • 北京大学
  • 华盛顿大学
  • 香港中文大学
  • 协和医院
  • 复旦大学
  • 浙江大学
  • 南开大学
  • 华东理工大学
  • 中科院
  • 湖北大学
  • 深圳大学
  • 天津大学
  • ......

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