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Bontac attended the 26th Shenzhen Life and Health Salon-Hong Kong Polytechnic School-Enterprise Exchange Conference

Source:Bontac Institute of Green Biocatalysis

Release Time: 2018-05-29


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May 29, 2018. The 26th Shenzhen Life and Health Salon--Hong Kong Polytechnic School Enterprise Exchange Meeting.Held in the conference room of the Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology, Li Shau Kee Building, Block Y, Hong Kong Polytechnic University.As the invited unit, Bontac Institute of Green Biocatalysis represented Bontac Biological (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. to participate in the exchange meeting and gained a lot.


Professor Lu Junli, Dean of the Department of Biology and Chemical Technology of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, delivered a welcome speech and introduced the department, which belongs to the branch of applied sciences in science and engineering. The faculty and staff come from chemistry, biology, food science, etc., and the multidisciplinary combination is more conducive to scientific research in the field of biomedicine. The school has invested a lot of money to introduce a variety of precision analysis and testing equipment, and built an advanced central laboratory. It hopes to cooperate with the outside world to discuss more.



At the meeting, we listened to the reports of the teachers of the Department of Biology and Chemical Technology of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Not only did we gain a better understanding of the scientific research progress in different fields of biomedicine, but also deeply felt the strength of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University's basic scientific research. After the meeting, the school also arranged a visit to the central laboratory, conducted free exchanges and discussions with the school on projects of interest, and conducted further discussions on scientific research projects and the industrialization of scientific research results.



The teachers of Hong Kong Polytechnic University were also very interested in Bontac Bio's coenzyme products and biological enzyme technology, and had in-depth communication with Bontac Bio after the meeting. Combining its own advantages, Bontac not only can provide technical support, but also has the resources of manpower, equipment and venues to industrialize scientific research results. In addition to its outstanding performance in biological enzyme products and technologies, Bontac Bio also has a lot of scientific research and industrialization experience and achievements in the fields of raw materials and plant extracts. The school teacher also stated that they will have in-depth exchanges and negotiations with Bontac Biology in the later period.


Participating this time. Bontac Bio actively responds to the national slogan on strengthening cooperation between universities and enterprises. Give full play to the scientific research of Hong Kong universities and the industrialization advantages of mainland enterprises. At the same time, it will attract more talents from Hong Kong universities to work in the Mainland to better promote the development of the life and health industry.