How to choose a real NMN raw material manufacturers?


Release Time: 2021-08-31


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Since the anti-aging effect of NMN (β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) was discovered by scientists. sales of NMN have become very popular. As a result, some dealers without manufacturers in the market often pretend to be producers of NMN raw materials, And sell NMN raw materials with unqualified purity at high prices. So it is often heard: The nmn you buy is not necessarily NMN!


Obstacles based on new things and professional knowledge have led to many unknown “insiders”. Now let Bontac explain to you some three inside stories about the NMN market and how to distinguish between true and false NMN raw material manufacturers.  

Three NMN market insider


Cut corners, NMN content is almost zero


In the early stage, NMN raw materials were very expensive, and the market was in short supply. So some bad business through a limited NMN raw materials, production of NMN more products. Therefore, some NMN products are basically ineffective food additives.


Direct adulteration, NMN is replaced


Some unscrupulous merchants take advantage of the characteristics that consumers are not aware of the properties of ingredients. Sell niacinamide niacin and NR to pretend to be NMN. However, the cost of such ingredients is extremely low, the side effects are obvious, and many consumers are deceived. In fact, nicotinamide nicotinic acid and NR can also supplement NAD+, but because the restricted components of human rate-limiting enzymes are difficult to absorb and transform, and overdose may cause burdens on human organs, and even liver toxicity, these components have long been Anti-aging research is abandoned.


The preparation method is outdated, and there is residue of NMN


There are usually three methods for preparing NMN,Whole-enzymatic method, Half-enzymatic method and Chemical synthesis method. At present, the whole-enzyme method is the mainstream and safest method. However,due to the complexity of the whole enzyme catalysis process and the huge investment, it is not as simple and fast ad chemical synthesis. Some manufacturers with insufficient conditions choose chemical synthesis. The reaction process of chemical synthesis is very violent, and chemical residues are difficult to purify. Therefore, it ts easy to leave organic teagents and chemical solvents,which do not meet industry standards, which is a very important reason for the side effects of human ingestion.

Now, how to distinguish between true and false NMN


First, inspect the factory. After some screening,NMN companied that directly face consumers pay more attention to brand building. Therefore ,for a good brand, quality is the most important thing, and the first thing to control the quality of raw materials is to inspect the factory.

A complete production line of NMN whole-enzyme catalyze must have catalytic reaction, protein purification, product purification production line, equipped with a food-grade catalytic system, and use organic reagents for catalysis. Secondly, it should have a 100,000-level clean workshop, and use advanced purification and storage technology to deliver finished products. Of course, a set of fine equipment. If not have a set of fit manage method to link that is not perfect. such as the material flow. If not a set of circulation mechanisms to ensure the safety and stability of finished and semi-finished products. It is also unable to make the product reach the optimal state.

Bontac production workshop

Bontac production workshop


Secondly, the purity is tested. Purity is one of the most important parameters of NMN. If high purity NMN cannot be guaranteed, the remaining substances are likely to exceed the relevant standards. If it is a chemically synthesized product, there is a risk of harm from residual substances. Usually, a complete manufacturer will have a complete quality inspection system and a rigorous quality inspection processing. Such as Bontac biology, quality inspection department is specially set up in a separate floor.It has nearly 100 quality inspection equipment including liquid phase, gas phase, atomic absorption,ultraviolet spectrophotometer, etc. Equipped with highly educated and professional quality inspectors, it can meet mass,comprehensive and accurate product testing.


Finally, a professional test spectrum is needed to prove it. Common methods for determining the structure of an organic compound include Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (NMR) and high resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS).Usually through the analysis of these two spectra, the structure of the compound can be preliminarily determined. Therefore ,when purchasing NMN raw materials, manufacturers who can provide these two types of spectra will generally guarantee the quality of their products.

The nuclear magnetic and mass spectrogram certificate of Bangtai NMN was issued by a third-party authority. It not only proved the complete composition of the NMN product, but also tested and verified the content of plasticizer and endotoxin. The verification report showed that there was no plasticizer component, and the endotoxin content was far below the standard set by the Food and Drug Administration.


The chaos in the NMN market will cause downstream companies to pay huge costs in distinguishing the true from the false. For this purpose, While stepping up the progress of scientific research, Bontac biology is expanding its production scale as the third-generation whole-enzyme catalytic technology is launched. NMN production has entered a new stage, and a series of iconic indicators have been discovered and summarized at the same time, allowing downstream companies to provide more convenient identification standards and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the NMN industry.